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Minister Chrystal Drigo sent two exhortation out the last two Sunday mornings I and I thought it very fitting to share them in the bulletin today.


This morning as we go to the house of the Lord, go with an expectation in your spirit. I've heard it said countless times before that "expectation is the breeding ground for miracles." Throughout the Bible, any time a hungry heart encountered God, a miracle took place. Any time a person was moved by desperation, a miralce took place. What is "it" that you hav need of this morning? Is it healing, deliverance, breakthrough, favor, direction, wisdom, open doors? Whatever "IT" is, don't go seeking after "it" this morning. Instead go seeking after the ONE who holds everything you need in the palm of His hands. It's impossible to seek the heart of God an not have Him extend His hand. Pursue the heart of God this morning and your miracle will come. It's impossible to lose with the God we serve. Our God is fail proof. Be all in this morning!

When the presence of a Kind invades a place, it's impossible for that place or people to be left unchanged. One moment with the King has the potential to change you life forever. If an earthly king were to come into your midst and ask you "what is the one thing that I can do for you?," your response and his pledge to deliver on that thing have the potential to transform your life forever. Today, we once again, have the opportunity to come into the presence of the King of Kings. What is it that you have need of this morning? Be encouraged knowing that we serve a risen King, who has everything that we have need of in the palm of His hands. He knows what you have need of even before you ask Him. Just as Esther had favor with the King, so we as God's children, have favor with the King of Kings. Today don't just come seeking the and of the King, but instead seek the faec of the King. It's impossible to seek His face and not have Him extend His hand. This morning, be intentional in your approach to God. Be purposeful in your requests to God. And more importantly, be all in for God. And in turn, watch Him be al in for you! - Minister Chrystal Drigo


Church, may we have a "yes" in our spirit to the bidding of the Holy Spirit to come near through faith, praise, worship, surrender and expectation! take the limits off and simply believe!

Pastor Deb

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