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From the Heart

Today we celebrate all the workers at NTWC; the leadership team, pastors and elders, head of departments, the diverse ministry teams, teachers, assistants, those who behind the scenes and those up front. We want to celebrate everyone that co-laborers with Pastor Vana and myself at NTWC for the sake of building the kingdom of God by building community, families, and individuals, one person at a time. God has given us a powerful mandate at NTWC and it is partially expressed through our mission statement which is... "We exist to know God and make Him known to the Nations by bringing them in (outreach), raising them up (in-reach), and sending them out (world reach). This is no small task yet we can accomplish this mission through the power, guidance and influence of the Holy Spirit in our lives and with eternity driven work! It will take His Presence, prayer and practical measures to serve this generation in an effective way which can bring true, lasting life-change. A couple of years ago the Lord gave me a rip rap called "Crace God Save People." The chorus goes like this... "You gotta crave crave God id you're gonna save people, you can't just stay behind the steeple, or at the door and do not more. Just looking at the harvest won't restore, so what's it gonna be can you really see? The highways, the byways a Savior's plea, represent the Kingdom and set them free, their lives are in the balance for eternity."

     NTWC, as we live our lives form the standpoint of eternity, we don't just carry the message of the Gospel, we become the messengers that demonstrate the message of the Gospel through the love of God, 'the works, the greater works' of Jesus Christ and the manifestation of Holy Spirit. May we seize the opportunities afforded to us in everyday life, by interacting with people, making an investment in their lives by taking time to to show them that we care... by living God out loud! Isn't that what Jesus did?

     So far all of you/us at NTWC that have joined hands and hearts together for the sake of the Kingdom, who are committed and called to his great commission for such a time as this... we celebrate you and we will move forward in our quest that we "[may have the richest measure of the divine Presence, become a body wholly filled and flooded with Gdd Himself.]" Eph. 3:19

Pastor Deb

Photo by Sneaky Elbow on Unsplash

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